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2016 IJSBA Offshore World Championship/Russky Grand Prix Final Results

IJSBA is pleased to announce the final results and overall winners of the 2016 IJSBA Offshore World Championship and Russky Grand Prix. The Russky Grand Prix was the second round of the two round World Championship and was also scored as an independent event. After the fifth day of racing, the results were final: The team of Ryabko and Prayas ...

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2016 Russky Grand Prix/IJSBA Offshore World Championship: Days 1-4

Greetings from Vladivostok, Russia where are reporting from the first four days of the Russky Grand Prix which is also the second, and finishing round, of the IJSBA Offshore World Championships. The first round of the world title series was held in Martinique on April 15-17 of this year.. Indeed, competitors from this event are using different strategies depending on ...

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Jettribe Announces Martinique Offshore Jet Race this weekend

MARTINIQUE JET RACE ROUND 1 APRIL 15-17, 2016 Jettribe is excited about the upcoming Martinique Jet Race this weekend - April 15 through 17. Located on the tropical island of the French Caribbean, with friendly people, gourmet cuisine, museums and world famous rum distilleries, we cannot imagine a more ideal setting for a PWC Race. This endurance offshore race will last ...

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Jettribe International Team Competed in the Motorboat China Open

Jettribe has recapped a very wonderful time in Shenzen. Jettribe International Team Competed in the Motorboat China Open A short history of Shenzhen, China: a city with history dating back to ancient times, Shenzhen, China has extensive evidence of monopolizing the salt trade for thousands of years. Geographically it is criss-crossed with rivers and streams, and in more modern times, ...

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Jettribe Reports From The 12th Annual 2016 Mark Hahn Memorial Race

IJSBA has received the following recap, by Jettribe, of the 2016 Mark Hahn 300. IJSBA would like to add our congratulations to Mike Follmer for completing his 12th consecutive installment of this event that brings so many people together to honor the Passion for Endurance racing. IJSBA would also like to extend our gratitude to Jettribe who sponsors so many ...

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Team Jettribe Riders Attend the 2016 Mark Hahn 300

It wouldn't be a PWC racing event without a solid showing from a Jettribe team. We have an all star cast coming this year! Larger than life Carlos Truta, international celebrity brothers Aero and Aqsa, and Charles Anderson universally acclaimed as the most likable guy in the USA. Here is their press release, we will see you there: 2016 Mark ...

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Jettribe Heads To 2015 Kings Cup

It is time for the world of watercraft racing to converge on the beautiful city of Pattaya, Thailand for the 2015 Jet Ski World Cup (Kings Cup).

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2015 IJSBA Inka World Raid, Peru: November 14-21


In just two days, the action begins. It all starts with the efforts of Anibal Aliaga Swidin, the President of the Peruvian Sports Federation of Boating, the IJSBA Affiliate of Peru. Anibal is as fiercely devoted to PWC Racing as he is proud of Peru's role as a major event host in the sport.

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JSRA 2015 Final Season Points


It was obviously a very good year for the Jet Ski Racing Association of Great Britain.  Many well attended classes are shown in their final points standings of their 2015 season.  The JSRA proudly pushes the United Kingdom’s PWC Racing contingent to the forefront of every major competition in the world.  The UK was one of the most unified teams ...

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